LOCAL Boosting Silver Economy through local Community Mentoring

80 educators participated in the in-service training programme of LOCAL

A groundbreaking training program aimed at upskilling educators, trainers, and staff working in adult education has been\ successfully conducted under the prestigious Erasmus+ project LOCAL. The training, specifically designed to equip participants with mentoring skills and support the implementation of thematic mentoring cycles, marks a significant milestone in promoting the Silver Economy as an opportunity for local community development.

A total of 80 adult educators and trainers from Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and the Netherlands participated in the eight training sessions held across these countries. Participants underwent comprehensive modules focused on mentoring techniques, strategies for effective implementation of training, and the application of community-based mentoring practices in the Silver Economy sectors. Each organization tailored the training format to suit its unique circumstances. Some participants benefited from self-paced guided training, while others engaged in face-to-face meetings, online sessions, or hybrid approaches. Despite the varying formats, the overarching aim and scope of the training remained consistent across all locations. The training fostered an interactive and collaborative digital learning environment, enabling participants to exchange experiences and gain practical insights.

The successful completion of this training program signifies a significant step forward in empowering adult educators and supporting the growth of age-friendly communities. As the Silver Economy continues to flourish, LOCAL project is committed to promoting community-based mentoring practices as a catalyst for positive change and local development.

For further information about the LOCAL project:

LOCAL website https://local-project.eu/

LOCAL Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LOCALErasmusProject

LOCAL email address local.erasmus@amatolusitano-ad.pt