Online Publication of Thematic Mentoring Cycles of the Local Project

The eight modules of LOCAL’s Thematic Mentoring Cycle are now available online.

The LOCAL project has entered its next phase with the online publication of its Thematic Mentoring Cycles on the Digital Hub section of the website:

The bespoke Thematic Mentoring Cycles are aimed at adults aged 50 plus and cover topics of silver economy and digital and entrepreneurship transversal skills.

The aim of LOCAL is to show that the silver economy can be used as an opportunity to develop communities by using locally-based mentoring practices. Experienced silver entrepreneurs will act as mentors and will use the LOCAL curriculum with their mentees to support them through their silver entrepreneurial journey.

The Thematic Mentoring Cycles contains content under the following eight headings:

  1. The Silver Economy and Societal Challenges
  2. Value Proposition: From an Idea to a Business Proposal
  3. Business Development Model
  4. Fundraising and Grant Proposal Writing
  5. Networking
  6. Innovation and Sustainable Management
  7. E-Marketing and Branding
  8. Interpersonal and Entrepreneurial Skills

Each module provides silver entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge to build a successful enterprise. A mentor will guide their mentee through each of the modules, sharing their wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and entrepreneurial experience.

LOCAL partners are committed to promoting community-based mentoring practices as a catalyst for positive change and local development. The consortium is excited about this next phase of the project.

The LOCAL project is co-funded by the European Union, bringing together nine partners from eight different countries, including Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Spain.

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