Resources for Post-Pandemic Effective Training:

Test & Validation of the RESET project results

Under the RESET Project, a wide set of learning material has been produced as common effort of the consortium involving 7 Partners from 5 different countries. The trainings and tools are directed to the VET Operators and aim at fostering their digital competences and abilities, and they are available on the RESET Platform.

In order to check the worthiness of the products and their compliance with the project objectives, a thorough Test and Validation process has been carried out during the second year of implementation. The first step coincided with the production of the Test and Validation Plan. This internal document was addressed to project Partners, and served as a common methodology to carry out testing activities following a precise programme and delivering a coherent set of supporting documents.

All Partners carried out testing and validating activities at local level, involving a number of target groups which, at the end of the sessions, provided for precious comments and feedback on the RESET learning material. Each Partner consolidated the feedback on a Report, delivered then to the Project Coordinator for the finalization of RESET.

The feedback collected by Partners are widely positive, and they emphasize the benefits of the products.

Last effort of the consortium is the production of the RESET Operational Guidelines for VET Operators, which will serve as practical how-to guide on the use of the RESET products. The Guidelines will be available on the platform by the end of January 2024 in all partnership languages.

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